What a Car Says About a Woman

A woman that drives a Mustang convertible is very different from a woman that drives a Civic hybrid. You know it’s true. You’ve no doubt met both kinds of women before. And I’m sure you’ll agree: there’s a world of difference.

So what does a car say about a woman? How are they different? Let’s find out.

A Beater
This woman is probably a social worker or in the non-profit sector. She doesn’t wear a lot of make-up and may not shave her armpits. Probably likes to smoke the wacky weed too, so she can forget how miserable her life is.
A Compact Car (like a Civic or Corolla)
This woman is the girl-next-door. She’s sweet, practical, caring, and probably likes to make scrapbooks. There may be some stuffed animals on her bed or in her bedroom somewhere. Friends and boyfriends like her because she’s so dependable; players and con-men like her because she’s so innocent and na├»ve.
A Mid-sized or Full-Sized Car (like an Accord or Camry)
This woman may have a family (or at least kids) or a hand-me-down from her Daddy. She’s probably husband hunting or babysits often for her married friends, which in turn makes her want a husband even more.
A Luxury Car (like a BMW or Lexus)
This woman likes power and may have it too. She’s an anal type-A personality who is ambitious, aggressive, and likes her men at her command, both at work and in the bedroom. May also be high-maintenance, moreso emotionally, since she can handle herself materially.
A 4WD/AWD Car (like a Subaru of some kind)
This woman is probably a lesbian. She either loves the outdoors or other women. Sleeping under the stars or with another girl is something she likes to do. Neither dirt under her fingernails nor a jungle under her panties bother her.
A Minivan
This woman is a soccer Mom. Unless you like MILFs, stay away; she’s taken. She’s very involved in the lives of her children, for better (knowing all of their birthdays and favorite foods) or worse (signs them up for all kinds of classes, even if they don’t want them).
This woman may also be a soccer MILF, I mean Mom, except she’s a little more hip to current trends. May also be an outdoorsy girl who likes to go hiking, camping, snowboarding (or skiing), and has probably had sex outdoors before (or really wants to).
A Hybrid
This woman is environmentally friendly and wants the world to know. She’s smug about her views and openly chides other people for not recycling. Be careful, she may not shave her legs also.
A Pick-Up Truck
This woman is one tough cookie. She may be a redneck with biceps as thick as her thighs, or married to one. Don’t cross her, because she may have a shotgun as well. May be aggressive and somewhat sadistic in the bedroom. May also have a farmer’s daughter skirt for kinky role-playing too.
A Sports Car
This woman likes speed and power. Her dominance and control issues make her privately insecure and publicly a tyrant. Her ex-boyfriends probably call her a man-eater, but if you can handle her, she’ll drive you wild.
A Station Wagon
This woman has a family and kids. She uses the station wagon for grocery shopping and faithfully clips her coupons everyday. May work harder than her husband since she’s probably a homemaker, though she never lets on that she does.
A Convertible
This woman likes the sun on her face and the wind in her hair. She probably likes hot kinky sex as well. May be laid back and like lying back in the car to look at the stars. May also be high-maintenance, both materially and emotionally (which totally contradicts the laid-back part, I know; This woman is complex).
A Motorcycle
This woman likes the feeling of power between her legs. She’s an outdoorsy girl with a deathwish and has probably had broken bones before. May not listen to reason and typically wins arguments by force of will alone. Don’t mess with her; she may have lots of large biker friends.
No Car
This woman probably lives in a large city and knows the public transportation system inside-out. She’s tough, street-wise, and always on the look-out for potential thieves, rapists, and con-men. May have an active sex life with whom she discusses with three quirky friends of varying personality types that always reply with witty banter.

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

8 thoughts on “What a Car Says About a Woman”

  1. Well I drive a Honda Hybrid. I plead the 5th on what stereotypes are true. :)

    Is there a similar list for guys?

  2. What about:
    1. TRULY big cars…Grand Marquis,Olds 88, Buick Roadmaster.
    2.Classics and antiques..up to the 70s. Girls in old muscle cars get MY attention :)

    Also, Id love a list on what cars attract what girls. Like, a girl really wanting a family, stability, and a practical, reasonable guy would be attracted to a guy in a Buick or Malibu.A girl wanting a hip, buff activity partner,a girl who’s also social and active and seeking the same,probably gets all starry-eyed over a guy in a Cherokee or Escape. And I know its politically incorrect to mention, but I think different ethnicities of women definitely lean towards different cars than others when sizing up a guy. Different socio-economic classes are attracted to different things, but I think there are definitely patterns.
    any thoughts?

    1. Good questions, c-ko! Hmm, what do you think big cars and classics say about a woman? Here’s my stab at it:

      Truly Big Cars:
      This woman has a powerful personality. When she enters a room, you know she entered the room. Some call her arrogant, some call her assertive, but no one dares to call her anything overly negative to her face, or else she’ll run them over with her car.

      Classics and Antiques
      This woman loves and knows cars. Her cars have been kept in shape by her personally. She’s more likely to have grease on her fingernails than nail polish. If you can’t take apart an engine, you’re not going to get a chance to take off her panties.

      BTW, these lists are totally tongue-in-cheek. I have no basis of fact for anything I say here. I’m just making this up as I go. :P

      And you’re most definitely right – ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, age, and a bunch of other factors will totally change these answers. Hey, if you have a blog, you should write up your own list. I’d love to see it and compare!

  3. Hmmm interesting I drive a white bimmer but I’m a pretty relaxed girl (most of the time). I work hard & I love my car. I don’t see a problem…hehe

  4. LOL on 4WD/AWD cars! Haha! These are probably all true. Women have different tastes when it comes to their vehicles. One apparent type is a mom: always driving a mid-sized or full-sized car, an SUV, or mini-van. A compact car is perfect for the girl-next-door. And hey, women who drive motorcycles are really cool, too!

  5. I am a mother of four who drives a truck, but I am traditionally feminine, not tough! The power and size of a truck makes me feel protected…similar to the way I feel protected in my man’s strong arms.

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