Unidentified Flying Object

Please help me explain this. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable and realistic explanation for it.

On Friday night, April 9th, 2004, at about 11:17pm PST, I was traveling northbound on the US-101. I was right next to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and was about to make my way to the US-380 entrance.

It was slightly foggy and overcast; no stars were visible. There were still numerous commuters and drivers on the highway. I had just finished a late dinner with a coworker and was heading home to call it a night.

I looked up at the sky. Right in front of me, and a bit to the left, I noticed a large collection of blinking lights. Most were red and blue, with a few tiny white ones as well. There must have been about a dozen of these lights, all haphazardly arranged in a thick line, like lights on a Christmas tree.

Perpendicular to those flashing red and blues, were a more organized, yet faint, double-column of red lights. Both set of lights were arranged so that the flashing red and blues made up the top bar of a T, and the faint reds were the stem.

A few smaller white and red lights adorned the space in between and filled up the T so that its whole vaguely resembled a triangle.

There was a radio tower nearby with a single red light. This collection of blinking lights hovered not far from it. The blinking lights appeared to be slowly moving too.

I wondered if I should pull out my phonecam and take a picture. But I doubted that it was strong enough to capture these lights amongst the headlines and city lights all around me.

As the blinking lights faded into the mist, I looked at the clock; it read 11:19pm. This whole experience almost made me miss the entrance to the US-380. I swerved over just in time.

I turned on the radio to various news stations, but didn’t hear anything about anyone seeing anything odd.

What the hell did I just see??

Maybe it was a collection of airplanes flying in formation? I was near the airport, after all.

But why would so many planes fly in such a formation on a Friday night?

Maybe it was a collection of helicopters? It was hovering and holding its position fairly well. During the daytime, a few months back, I did see a helicopter flying in that area, carrying steel beams for a construction site.

But why would a construction site be active at night? There were no well-lit areas to help guide the helicopters.

Maybe it was a reflection against my windshield of an accident somewhere behind me that I didn’t see earlier?

But with that many lights, it would have to be an enormous accident. How could I miss such an enormous accident?

Maybe these lights were police cars and fire engines on the big hill with the “South San Francisco” sign?

But the big hill isn’t that tall; certainly not up to where I saw these lights.

Maybe I ate the wrong kind of food at dinner and was hallucinating?

But it was just Mediterranean food. I don’t do drugs and have never hallucinated in my life.

Maybe the clouds were at such a density that they were reflecting lights from somewhere else?

But why weren’t other lights being reflected as well?

Maybe they were a collection of weather balloons?

But why send up weather balloons into a cloudy Friday night?

Or maybe… I should wear an aluminum foil hat so that the aliens can’t read my thoughts, then place cups of water all around my room and a bat next to my bed.

I know that my imagination can sometimes run wild, but I’m at an utter loss to explain what I just saw. I wish I was joking about this too, but I’m not. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable and realistic explanation for it though. But I sure can’t think of one.

. . .

Have you ever seen a UFO?

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

3 thoughts on “Unidentified Flying Object”

  1. Did you ever figure out what you saw? I’m pretty sure I know exactly what it was. Hit me back if
    would like to know. It was unclear how familiar
    with the area you are/were considering the start
    at the airport.

    Cheers, Rob

  2. Alas, I did finally figure it out – though if your answer differs from mine, please let me know!

    What I saw was apparently an antenna array on the top of some hills south of Daly City. On clear nights, it’s easy to see the blinking lights and the antenna array itself.

    So, yea, just my imagination running wild.

  3. A few years ago my wife, our 3 children and I were heading to our beachfront camp on Grand Isle ,Louisiana.We were on Hwy 318 near Larose and it was late and the kids were sleeping in the back seat and my wife in the front.I saw what looked like a helicopter heading toward a radio tower and thought it was going to crash into it .I woke up my wife and pulled over and stopped a couple of hundred yards away from the radio tower.The craft pulled to within feet of the tower,just below the top.It began circling the tower. I could see it was triangularly shaped and had a white strobe on the top and a red running lite on the bottom.It was about the size of an F-15 Stealth fighter, black,and had a smaller triangle on the top like a stealth fighter.It continued to circle the tower and we woke the kids up to watch the show.It looked like a single blade on a ceiling fan moving about the speed of a second hand on a clock, possibly a little slower.We watched it circle for what seemed to be about 5 minutes.
    The craft then backed away from the tower and began a series of blinking big lites on the bottom corners of the triangle. I don’t remember the exact colors now, but they seemed to be red ,yellow and blue. It did this for about 30 seconds and then moved off toward the Gulf very slowly, never made any sound whatsoever and never gained any altitude.We watched it for about a half a mile until it disappeared behind the trees.I started the Suburban and tried to follow it but we were moving a different angles.
    I have seen the radio tower many times since then and it is different from any tower site I have ever seen , and I own property with a FM radio tower on it. That site has high power electrical lines running up to it and a big transformer or switcher yard next to the tower.
    I never had the impression that it was a UFO or alien craft.It looked like some type of new government craft. In fact during the last invasion of IRAQ I told everyone that I expected to see this craft used,but never did.
    We never have seen anyhting like this since ,but every time I pass that tower I still look around.
    What you saw may have been something similar.I am still not sure of exactly what it was that we saw that night.

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