This Blog Sucks

It’s true. This blog sucks. And I’m okay with that.

It sucks because it’s not a true blog, in the strict definition of a blog. Wikipedia describes a blog as a website with reverse-chronological entries that “provide commentary or news on a particular subject,” or “function as… personal online diaries.”

This site is neither. It’s more a random series of essays. Some are true, some are fiction, some are the result of a writing exercise, some are mere rants and theories. There’s no time continuity to any of these entries, except for their publication date.

I don’t even write them in chronological order. Sometimes I’ll write multiple essays at once, then schedule them to appear in the coming weeks based on my fancies. The result is quite random. Some months, I’ve got lots of entries in the queue. Other times, I’m too busy and miss a week or two.

Also, there’s no predictability in topics. I’m not necessarily writing about what’s on my mind at that time. It might have been on my mind last month, but not necessarily this week.

There’s an exception though. I sometimes try to match holidays with essays about that holiday. Christmas posts during December, Valentine’s posts during February, that sort of thing.

That’s not enough though. At least, not according to professional blogs like ProBlogger or CopyBlogger. They’ve amassed audiences in the hundreds of thousands, or more. According to them, a good blog is one with a single topic.

A single topic means the audience knows roughly what to expect. Predictability allows new users to decide whether they should bookmark the blog, or forget about it. Eventually, niche audiences can form around topical blogs, turning them into repeat readers and, eventually, a virtual community.

That’s another thing this blog is not.

Instead, I take another route. I write for myself. For exercising my creative muscle, for disciplining myself in the craft of writing, for the therapeutic release, and, well, for fun.

I cringe when I read some of my old essays though. “My God, I wrote THAT?!” But hey, you can’t make a Writer’s Omelet without breaking a few Bad Essay Eggs, right?

Ahem. See? That last line is exactly why I need more practice. That is the real reason why this blog sucks. Not because it doesn’t fit someone’s definition or follow some someone’s guidelines.

It sucks because I still think it does. My writing skill isn’t where I want it to be. (I can’t believe I just ended a sentence with a proposition! Gasp.) I’m a perfectionist, I admit. I hold myself to high standards. Great writers can weave beautiful panoramas with clarity.

Me, I’m a hack. I pilfer, I assimilate, I adopt. I practice, practice, stumble, fall, and practice some more. Nothing good comes easy, right? (Yuck, a cliché.)

And I’m okay with that. All I’m aiming for is, in a few more decades, this blog will suck less.

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

2 thoughts on “This Blog Sucks”

  1. But I like the blog! The stories are funny, or insightful. Either way entertaining. Perfect for the “I'm waiting in line and want something to keep me from sighing with boredom” moments. Change as you will/must, but know you at least have 1 reader who likes it as is.

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