The First Phone Call from Yahoo!

I was moving down to Los Angeles when I got Ray’s call. “Hey Mike, want to work for Yahoo?”

I rolled up my window. “What? Did you say Yahoo?” The flat plains of Central California blurred past me as I sped down the I-5.

“Yea. We’re looking to hire some developers. Can you come in for an interview?”

“When? Now?”

“Yea, as soon as you can. We need to hire some developers very soon.”

I looked down at my odometer. “Okay. But, um, I’m on my way to LA.”


“Yea. I was going to move down there. Where is Yahoo located?”

“Sunnyvale, in Silicon Valley.” Ray paused. “You don’t want to live in the Bay Area anymore?”

“Oh, no no no.” I shook my head. “I love the Bay Area. It’s just that, with the dot-bomb and our company going out of business and all the lay-offs, I didn’t think there would be anyone hiring in Silicon Valley anymore.”

“Well, there is. Yahoo. Are you…”

“Wow. Yea. I’d totally be interested!”

“Good!” Ray sounded happier. “Looks like I called you just in time!”

“You did!” I watched my odometer as I slowed down to 70mph. (Don’t ask how fast I was going originally.) “If you called a few days later, I might have settled down in LA.”

“That would have been bad. Can you come in for an interview next Monday?”

I looked at my watch. “Next Monday? That’s just in two days.”

“Yea. Is that too soon?”

“Heck no, I’ll come back up for Yahoo!”

“Great!” I could almost hear Ray nodding. “I’ll have HR contact you to set up the interview.”

“Awesome! Thanks man!”

“Thank you! See you next Monday.”

And that’s how I started my 5+ career at Yahoo!—just in the nick of time. As quickly as I sped down the I-5. Fate’s funny that way.

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

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