The Cult of Mike Lee

Hi, I’m Mike Lee. No, not that Mike Lee. He’s someone else. No, not that one either. Me, Mike Lee, from New York, now in California.

Oh, you know a Mike Lee too? Nice. I know a bunch too. There are four at my company. And there were at least twelve at a previous company. Us Mike Lee’s are everywhere.

What? No, I’m not a professional bull rider. I know, I know. There’s a professional bull rider named Mike Lee. He’s from Texas.

No, I’m not a country singer either. That’s another Mike Lee. From Nashville, I think. Those two guys are Caucasian. I’m not. I’m an Asian American.

Yea, I know there used to be a Mike Lee in Wikipedia. He was a judge or lawyer or something. The entry’s gone now. Maybe it’s back now though. You never know with Wikipedia.

Oh yea, there are a bunch of web designers and developers named Mike Lee. I’ve seen their sites. I probably fought with them to get this domain name too.

My first attempt was But that was taken by a painter. From Illinois, I believe. There’s an odd message from a Lana on his site right now. I wonder what that’s about.

Then I tried But that one was taken too. I don’t think it is anymore though; looks like someone’s squatting on that domain name right now.

There’s a Mike Lee saxophonist too? Really? Huh. I didn’t know about that one. He’s from New York too, I see. Brooklyn, to be exact. Or Crooklyn, as my friends call it. Heh.

Ah yes, the Mike Lee from London. He’s an ABC News correspondent. I saw a news story by him once. Kind of weirded me out.

I’m not surprised there’s a real estate agent named Mike Lee too. I’ll bet there are lots of them. All over the country. Trying to help you buy a house.

You know, I’ve seen the Mike Lee on IMDB too. In fact, there are a ton of them. Just do a search. Lots, huh? There are Mike Lee actors, stunt men, camera men, editors, and more.

Funny thing is, most of them are all Caucasian too. Most of the Asian American Mike Lee’s I know are designers or developers. Oh, I’m sure they’re in other fields too; I just know a lot in design and development because I’ve seen their web sites.

Now if you look for Michael Lee, you’ll see a whole new cast. There’s a character named Michael Lee in the HBO show The Wire. He’s African American. Did you know that?

And there’s an anime character named Michael Lee too. From the show Witch Hunter Robin. This Michael Lee is a 16 year old Caucasian computer expert.

There also was once an African American basketball player for the Kansas Jayhawks named Michael Lee. He played guard. Not sure if he’s still playing now though.

If you look up Michael Lee in Wikipedia, you’ll see many more entries. Like the one for Michael Lee, the Australian Labor Party politician. Or Michael Lee, the field hockey player for the Canadian team Victoria Selects. Or Michael Lee, the former keyboardist & composer for Meredith Brooks, Melissa Etheridge, and David Foster. Or Michael Lee, the former drummer for Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Now try Michael Lee on IMDB. Woo wee there’s a lot, huh? Producers, cinematographers, production designers. Hollywood is full of Michael Lees.

As you can see, we’re everywhere. Us Mike and Michael Lees. And one day, we’ll take over the world and rename it “The Earth of Mike & Michael Lees”. Or maybe just “ML” for short.

If you’d like to be excused from enslavement and serve as one of our personal servants, let me know. Otherwise, bow to the will of a million Mike Lees!