Sex Ed

I was drawn to that shelf by some inexplicable force. Maybe it was the sex books.

This was at a friend’s sister’s house. We were going to have a dinner party. As they prepared the food, I found myself wandering over the books.

Oh my.

Oh my oh my oh my.

A whole shelf full of sex books.

More interestingly enough, here I was, at a dinner party full of girls. And these books were owned, not by a sex-deprived perverted guy, but a seemingly normal young lady.


Later, I learn that another one of their friends, a female too, also regularly frequents the sex section of Barnes & Noble (as well as sex toy shops).

Is this a common phenomenon? Or have I stumbled upon a reservoir of horny and sexually self-education temptresses?

Either way, Thank the Lords, Halleluiah!

I look over the books. Their titles were “Love And Your Man,” “How To Achieve Mutual Orgasms,” “Genital Ecstasy And Oral Pleasure,” and “100 And 1 Ways To Cum.”

They sounded more like a guy’s porn collection than educational tomes on a woman’s living room shelf.

Oh, and of course, there was: “The Kama Sutra.”

As I thoughtfully perused the books, one of my friends came over. “Oh wow, look at that one. That one’s good.”

I blinked. My palms were sweaty.

Another girl picked up another book. “Oh, I have this one.”

“Daaaamn…” I sighed.


“All you girls own books like these?”

“Well, yea, sure.”

I brushed my palms on my jeans. “And do you just leave them in the living room out in the open like this too?”

Then she summed it all up in one sentence:

“Yea, how else are we going to teach you boys how to please us?”

. . .

Do you have any sex books?

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

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