How I Became Hooked On Writing

You can blame all this on my grade school English teacher. If it wasn’t for that creative writing exercise, I would have never started down this path.

“Write about emotions,” she instructed. “Select an emotion and write about it. You can write about how it makes you feel, what you do when feeling it, anything you want.”

I wrote a dark humorish piece called “Jealousy”. We had to read our stories out loud in front of the entire class. Scary as hell, you can imagine.

After reading mine, the entire class cheered. They loved it! What a great feeling. I was hooked on writing.

Here is that story, in all its grade-school glory.

. . .


There it was, across the classroom. I could see it on his finger. It was the very object I had tried to possess for months. But now there it was. Right in front of me.

The green Captain Crunch Decoder Ring!

From various Captain Crunch cereal boxes I had scoured, I had gotten four out of the five necessary colors. All I needed now was the green one. The one right on that stupid, scrawny little kid’s finger. I tried hard to concentrate in class, but the green Captain Crunch Decoder Ring kept calling to me. The thought of it burned and scarred my mind. All I could see was green.

Finally, I got up and approached the goofy-looking kid with the green Captain Crunch Decoder Ring. He looked up at me with a foolish smirk. Then he pointed out that I was drooling on his Nikes.

So I put my hands around his neck and began to squeeze.

I could feel the bones and cartilage in his neck twist while he wet his pants. I could taste my spit and smell his unfortunate accident. Then I began to troll, “I want your green Captain Crunch Decoder Ring! I want your green Captain Crunch Decoder Ring!” I repeated my chant over and over again until I squeezed the life out of him. His scrawny dead body slowly plopped to the floor as I took the liberty of removing his green Captain Crunch Decoder Ring.

At last, it was MINE!

. . .

Did you like creative writing in grade school?

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

2 thoughts on “How I Became Hooked On Writing”

  1. Dude, I’d hate to read something so personal out to a class. I would never do it. I guess I just have more secrets than most… but, have fun writing. :)

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