Goodbye 2001

2001 was the year Life tore a gash and poured salt and lemon juice into the wound.

Is there anyone who isn’t happy to see this sorry year end?

First the California energy crisis burn businesses like a moth on a flame. Sure, some people got some days off from work. That was good. But have you ever tried taking a pee in the dark? The clean-up afterwards just plain sucks, let me tell you.

Next the Internet companies die faster than Clinton’s credibility on Monica’s stained dress. The Internet downfall left scarred, deserted battlefields in much of Silicon Valley and other hi-tech locales.

Finally, maniacal, cowardly terrorists launch an attack on the non-Muslim world. How the deaths of thousands will help feed and clothe their people still confuses me. Worse, they hide behind religion as their excuse. As if the Koran really says, “Allah commands you to destroy the World Trade Center by hijacking planes with paper cutters.”

I guess Life figured one bad thing wasn’t enough. Just an energy crisis? Nah, let’s give them a recession and disaster too.

Who was it that said bad things come in threes?

So 2001 is finally over now. All gone. Bye bye. Time to start thinking about a new year, a new beginning. Life, let’s start over and try this again, huh?

If bad things come in threes, maybe good things will come in threes too.

Maybe the economy will rise again. Maybe we’ll find the hole in which bin Laden is hiding. Maybe we’ll rebuild the WTC bigger and better.

What exactly the future holds I don’t know. But what I do know is that this new year brings new hope. Good things are going to come. I can feel it.

I’m pretty psyched about it, in fact. New beginnings are always refreshing.

Goodbye 2001. Happy New Year! Hello 2002!

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

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