Too Much Drama for Your Mama

Do you have any friends who seem to be a lot of drama? Or have a lot of drama in their lives? Or seem to attract a lot of drama?

Sure you do. Everyone does. Drama is what makes the world go round. Everyone has some measure of drama in their lives – and if they don’t, they’ll seek it out from TV soap operas or create it with other people.

But let’s be careful here. The word “drama” is a loaded term. It means different things to different people. Let’s take a look at some of those variations.

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We Were Almost Hit by an Asteroid This Week

Did you know that the Earth was almost struck by an asteroid this week? Unless you follow science news closely, you may have missed it.

The asteroid, designated 2009 DD45, is less than a third of a football field in diameter (approximately 20-30 yards). After watching movies like Armageddon and Deep Impact, that seems pretty small, doesn’t it? It’s no Texas-sized Global Killer like in Armageddon.

The impact of 2009 DD45 would still have been disastrous. “The force of multi-megaton nuclear blast,” wrote one reporter. Striking a city would have leveled it and killed millions. Striking the ocean would have caused a horrible tsunami that devastated coastlines.

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Ode to Commode

Here I sit,

Came to shit,
only farted.

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Mr. Cornne in Brazil

A series of vignettes of Mr. Cornne, a young American high school teacher working in a small town in Brazil. Based on a true story. All dialogue is in Portuguese.

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What Would You Do If the World Was Full of Zombies?

I think we can all agree that sometimes, it’s important to prepare for the worst. Part of any good preparation plan includes scenario building. From those various scenarios can come any number of solutions.

So it was with this judicious safety research in mind that my cousins and I embarked on the critical scenario building of what we’d do if the world was full of zombies. Such are the in-depth discussions that brew out of a belly full of Thanksgiving turkey.
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That Chocolate Egg Doesn’t Taste Right

I thought it kind of my friend to leave those chocolate eggs in my fridge. She had needed a place to crash for a while. Since I was out of town, I offered up my place, provided she didn’t go around snooping through my porn stash or crack needles. (I kid, I kid!)

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“It’s so hot out here,” muttered Poppy the pigeon. The fountain in the park invited him for a spell. He soared down, perched on the edge, and jabbed his tiny pigeon head into the stream. “Ahhh, refreshing.” It was. The fountain’s water was really refreshing.

Nearby, something squealed. Poppy popped up. Two boys were skateboarding down the park. They were weaving in and out of terrified pedestrians. And both weren’t wearing helmets.

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Security Scare at the Airport

So here’s how it went down:

I’m on a Delta Song flight from JFK to SFO. The plane is mostly packed. I’m towards the rear. Although it’s around dinner time, the lights are dimmed, and most of the passengers are asleep.

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Nose Trouble

Barney cautiously leans over the “pad thai” and sniffs. Sniff sniff.

Suddenly, a tendril of pad thai leaps up and grips his nose. He yelps! The tendril snakes into his left nostril and out the right one.

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He Didn’t Wash His Hands

“Guess who I saw in the bathroom today?”

“Who?” we asked.

His eyes blazed and he jumped in his seat. We could tell he had something juicy to tell us.

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