A Random Conversation between a Girl and Her Momma

“What’s finito?”

“It means finished.”

“Well, I’m not finito yet,” declared the little girl. She climbed off chair and began to walk around the cafe.

“You don’t want to leave yet?” asked her mother.

“No…” She walked over to the counter and grabbed a straw. “Want a straw momma?”

“No thanks”

“But it makes you drink faster momma.”

“No thanks.”

“Don’t be afraid momma, you’ll like it!”

Her mother grinned. “No really, that’s okay.”

The little girl climbed back into her seat and picked up a water bottle. “Where does water come from? From rivers, right?”

“They come from natural springs.”

“Where are those?”


“Water comes from in the ground? That’s fantastic momma!” She started to climb off her chair again.

“You ready to go now?” asked her mother.

“Yea.” The little girl jumped off the chair. “Wee!” As the mother gathered their things, the little girl pointed at the water bottle. “Did you put the top back on?”

Her mother smiled. “Yes, I did.”

“Good momma!” Then she grabbed her mother’s hand and together they walked out of the cafe.

The other patrons and I exchanged amused glances for a moment, then returned to our books and laptops.

. . .

What’s the last random conversation you’ve heard?

Author: Mike Lee

An idealistic realist, humanistic technologist & constant student.

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